Rahn Marion






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About the Artist

Rahn Marion was born in Memphis, Tennessee in September 1993. He attended MICA, Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore Maryland. Majoring in Painting, with a concentration in Film. As a young working artist, Marion has found jobs that keep him in close proximity to the arts scene in Memphis. He’s worked at a local family owned frame shop, always staying arms length to creative jobs that support or inspire his work. He has worked as production personnel for other artists on commission. He was the Minister of Art, and Resident with First Congregational Church and was responsible for the production and installation of liturgical sanctuary art. Currently he works in the field of Welding, and Teaching at University of Memphis. Marion’s unique lifestyle has contributed to his growing multidisciplinary practices, working with wood, metal, and his main practice, oil painting. Marion has had a steady and patient emergence while honing in on what he finds true in his work, reflecting on the world around him.

Artist Statement

My work borrows from history, documents my place within the Western art canon, asserts black representation, and combats moral hypocrisy. I’ve been inspired by history and places, and people. My work's visual language features symbolism, metaphors, and reflections of past historical art periods while juxtaposing, integrating, and portraying black figures in the contemporary.