Ahmad George






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About the Artist

Ahmad George (b.1994 Memphis, TN) is a painter and multimedia artist. Ahmad received a BFA from Memphis College of Art in Design/Illustration. They’ve shown at NADA Miami as well as national and international group and solo exhibitions. Ahmad creates visual harmonies in their work by blending imagery and lore of the American south (mostly scenes from Tennessee and Mississippi) with narrative components from different cultures, to connect the enduring themes of humanity. Often, they use people or animals from their life to be the protagonists of these narratives. Major themes they explore include personal family history, transformation, consequence, and spiritual alchemy.

Artist Statement

Folktales communicate scenes about human nature and demonstrate consequence. I create autobiographical bodies of work depicting scenes of everyday life, shrouded with a layer of fantasy. Taking themes of community, family, wealth, consequence and mortality, I merge each scene with multiple folk references pulled from the American south as well as other worldly tales with overlapping symbolism to illustrate life experiences. By creating vignettes, armed with bright alluring colors, the pieces feel familiar,even when viewed for the first time.