Alexandra Eastburn






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About the Artist

Alexandra Eastburn (b.1987) was born and raised in Hot Springs, AR, a place whose forests, mountains, quartz crystals, flowing waters and historical architecture left a deep impact on the artist. Her curiosity and reverence for these things are largely what made her an artist, and she was creatively nurtured by her parents and grandparents from the very beginning. In 2006, she moved to Memphis, TN, where she attended Memphis College of Art and later received a BFA in Drawing and Art History. Today, Eastburn’s work shifts between numerous modes of
expression–from her botanical watercolors which synthesize the real with the imaginary, to her more figurative automatic dip pen line drawings excavated from the subconscious, to her fluid and dreamlike paintings which aim to capture the shapeshifting quality of dreams–each aiming to explore how our emotions and psychic revelations can take on other forms. Eastburn has exhibited work internationally, participating in several solo and group shows within the U.S. as
well as Japan and Canada. She also makes hand-painted apparel and has designed several album covers for musician friends.

Artist Statement

In my creative practice, the paper surface becomes a portal into other worlds. Memories, emotions, fears, and dreams are excavated, along with the invocation of spirits. I discover a sense of wholeness where I would otherwise feel fragmented. Although it remains vastly mysterious, making art is a path to understanding myself, my relationship with this world, and other realms beyond it.